The aim for Nursing Council of Namibia is to provide for the establishment and constitution of a professional Council for the allied health professions; to determine the powers, duties and functionsof such Council; to regulate the registration of persons practising the allied and complementary health professions; to specify the education, training and qualifications of persons practising such professions; to prohibit the practisingof such professions without being registered; and to provide for mattersincidental thereto.

    Nursing Council of Namibia Members

    Mr P.T Egodhi

    Mr J. Eliphas

    Mr J. Lumbu

    Mr EM. Shiwayu

    Mr J. Mtuleni

    Mr A.M. Maswahu
    Mrs M. Tobias
    Mr Adv W.J. Rautenbach

    Mrs NG. Mwashekele-Sumpi

    G.N.N. Mubale






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