Allied Health Professions Council
Front row seated(from left to right): Rev. Cornelia Nel (Member of the Public), Mr Benetus Nangombe (Executive Director), Dr Bernard Haufiku (Former Hon Minister of Health), Ms. Nicolette Bloodstaan , Mr. Arthur Pickering(Legal Practitioner). Back row standing (from left to right) Ms. Antoinette de Almeida(Vice President), Ms. Ronelle Isaacs, Ms. Zelda Crous, Dr. Elga Drews, Ms. Dorothee Verrinder, Mr. Christopher Likando(President ), Mr. Johannes Henn, Mr.Elvis Handura, Ms. Cornelia Bauer, Ms. Luzanne Kalondo, Ms. Belinda Tsauses.
Medical and Dental Council
Front row seated (from left to right):Dr Nguundja Uamburu, Mr Benetus Nangombe (Executive Director), Dr Bernard Haufiku (Former Hon Minister of Health), Ms Grace Mugaviri (Legal Practitioner), Prof. Fillemon Amaambo. Back row standing (from left to right): Dr Silvio Suardi, Dr Johann Archer (Vice President), Mr Ngamane Karuaihe-Upi ( Member of the public), Dr Wilson Benjamin (President), Dr Akutu Munyika, Dr Christo Buys, Dr Dean Kock.
Nursing Council
Front row (from left to right):Ms Fransina Tjituka (President ) Mr Benetus Nangombe (Executive Director) Dr Bernard Haufiku (Former Minister of MoHSS) Prof. Louise Pretorius , Dr Lusia Pinehas Back row (from left to right):Mr Eliud Shiwayu, Ms Cheryl Isaacs (Member of the public) Mr Gebhardo Timotheus (Vice President) Ms Hilma Shikwambi and Mr Tomas Nekongo (Legal Practitioner)
Pharmacy Council
Front row seated (from left to right): Ms. Bonita R de Silva(legal practitioner), Mr Benetus Nangombe (Executive Director), Dr Bernard Haufiku (Former Hon Minister of Health), Ms. Fransina Nambahu , Ms. Ester Hango Back row standing (from left to right): Mr. Piet Williams (Vice-President ),Ms. Bona Naita T Nghishekwa (President),Mr. Ngamane Karuaihe-Upi(Member of the public)
Social Work and Psychology Council
Front row seated (from left to right): Ms René Adams (Vice President) Mr Benetus Nangombe (Executive Director) Dr Bernard Haufiku (Former Hon Minister of Health) Ms Sanmari Steenkamp, Ms Verona du Preez, Back row standing(from left to right): Dr Jürgen Hoffmann(President), Ms Emilige van Zyl, Adv. Hettie Garbes-Kirsten (Legal Practitioner) and Fr. Linus Ngenomesho(Member of the public). Not appearing on the picture: Dr Manfred Janik

Medical and Dental Council



  1. Applicant must apply for registration as medical or dental intern to the office of the Registrar in a prescribed form (Application form on Website).
  2. Application must be accompanied by:
    1. Proof of citizenship,
    2. Copies of academic qualifications dully certified by a Commissioner of Oaths,
  • iii. Academic transcript of subjects,
  1. Proof qualification evaluation from Namibia Qualification Authority (NQA) - Foreign Trained Graduates (FTG),
  2. Proof of competency in English if not a graduate of an English Language University,
  3. All documents must be translated into English language and certified by a sworn translator,
  • vii. Proof qualification evaluation by the Educational Commission for Foreign Trained Medical Graduates (ECFMG) - FTMG only.
  • viii. School leaving certificate and,
  1. Proof of payment of non-refundable application fee.
  1. Pre-internship evaluation is compulsory for all foreign trained medical and dental graduates before they may be registered as interns.
  2. The nature, contents and the extent or ambit of the evaluation is determined by Council from time to time to test the basic knowledge in the following major domains to be covered during internship:

Medical Graduates:

  • General surgery,
  • Internal Medicine,
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology,
  • Paediatrics and
  • Psychiatry


Dental Graduates:

  • General Clinical Dentistry Including Conservative Dentistry
  • Periodontology,
  • Dental Radiology,
  • Maxillofacial Dentistry Including Dental Trauma,
  • Prosthodontics including Implantology,
  • Dental & Maxillofacial Pathology,
  • Endodontics,
  • Orthodontics including Dental Paedodontics,
  • Dental Ethics.
  1. Evaluations take place every year during January/February and September/October for medical graduates and, January/February and October/November for dental graduates.
  2. A graduate has the right to choose which sittings to take.
  3. Due to limited space for internship training at approved training hospitals, priority is given to Namibian citizens.

Medical and Dental Council Application Forms

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Medical And Dental Council

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