1. How many CEUs must be obtained in a 2 year cycle?

Every two years 60 CEUs (points). 30 per year of which 25 for level 1, 2 and 3 activities plus 5 for ethics, human rights and medical law- that is 60 for a 2 year cycle (50 for level 1,2 and 3 and 10 for ethics).

  1. How are the names selected?

Random selection done by the computer programme developed for CPD of 10% of all names on every register.

  1. When are the audits done?

Currently it will be done in June for Medical and Dental Council, Pharmacy Council, Allied Health Professions Council and Social Work and Psychology Council. The names of the Nursing Council register will be audited in September.

  1. Who must do CPD?

All practitioners on the register except interns, students and those who were exempted by the CPD Committee.

  1. What will happen to those who did not comply with CPD requirements?

The CPD Committee granted them 6 months extension, thereafter if still not compliant their names will be forwarded to the relevant Council for further action (? Removal from register, examination etc.)

  1. How do I become a service provider?

Two types of service providers: -Accredited service providers (Educational institutions, associations, departments and formally constituted interest groups) -Service providers for individual activities.

  1. Cost involved?

N$12000 per year must be renewed annually

  1. How do you accredited activities?

The CPD Committee prefers it if activities are accredited before it takes place, because sometimes the planned activity is not seen as CPD. Service providers are requested to submit attendance lists to the office after the presentation, because the data system can then be updated and we do not have to wait for an audit.

  1. Will CPD points accepted if it was done in another country?

It will be accepted if it was accredited by the regulatory authority of that country. Proof of such accreditation must be submitted to the office.

  1. Must the employer give time off to employees to attend CPD activities?

No, CPD is done by practitioners in their off time and they cannot claim official time for activities.

  1. How many points do a presenter of an activity get?

The presenter get double points per presentation, but only once for the same presentation.

  1. Can the employee claim the money back that he/she had to pay for the activity?

No the practitioner must pay for the activity, but CPD activities are tax deduct-able.

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